Quality Management by Endotherm:
What deserves to be done should be done well.

Whose expectations are relevant for a company? First and foremost, of course, those of its customers. In other words, yours. And also those of its employees.

Plainly speaking, this means for you:

  • You enjoy fast reactions and short processing times.
  • You benefit from close collaboration with us and our cooperation partners and from the fact that we share our knowledge with you.
  • You participate in the constant further development, in early adaptation to new requirements and in continuous optimization.

Our price-performance ratio should also be groundbreaking. This can be achieved neither by dumping offers, nor by cutting valuable services, nor even by paying highly qualified employees poorly. But it can be achieved by dispensing with a bloated administrative apparatus and constantly improving processes. This way you can be sure to always receive above-average and secure services.

It goes without saying that Endotherm Life Science Molecules is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. The company is regularly monitored and audited by an accredited inspection body and additionally by selected clients.

Depending on the project, you will receive GLP-compliant substances with comprehensive analytics and corresponding certificate (CoA).