Bioactive compounds and reference standards

When it comes to developing new diagnostic methods and drugs, successful pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies prefer the expertise and custom synthesis services of Endotherm Life Science Molecules. You will receive high-quality test substances, reference materials (active ingredients, natural products, metabolites), and fluorescent dyes according to your desired specifications and quantities at a competitive price.

The combination of expertise and proven special technology provides substantial benefits:

  • Production of high-value (isotope-labeled) reference materials.
  • Process development for multistep synthesis of natural products and bioactive compounds as well as their by-products, impurities, and degradation products for use in clinical chemistry and drug discovery and development.

Medicinal chemistry

Discovery and development of new drugs: screening compounds, compound libraries, intermediates, fluorescent dyes. Hit-finding, hit-to-lead studies, and lead optimizations through chemical structure modifications.

Clinical chemistry

Reference standards of active pharmaceutical ingredients or biomarkers and their metabolites, labeled on demand with 2H, 13C, or 15N for LC-MS/MS-based assays; conjugates of antigens and intermediates for the detection of specific antibodies for immunological assays.

Drug Approvals

To support new drug approvals, you will receive laboratory samples of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in quantities up to one kilogram.