Reference Materials for
Diagnostics and Drug Discovery & Development

"We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

(John F. Kennedy, Moon Landing Speech, Rice University, September 12, 1962)

The market for reference materials has become nontransparent, partly because it is often not obvious whether a supplier is just a distributor or an original manufacturer. In addition, many standard substances of acceptable quality can be provided even with comparatively moderate know-how. Clients with high expectations, strict confidentiality interests, and complex requirements prefer to play it safe, relying on the expertise of original manufacturers such as Endotherm Life Science Molecules.

Custom Synthesis: Focused contacts, more efficient communication, better results

Bioactive compounds and reference standards from a single source. For you, this means faster decision-making, no need to coordinate with multiple vendors, and thus more reliable results. Pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics companies rely on our expertise as a custom synthesis company for the development of new diagnostic methods and innovative drugs.

Products: Class instead of mass

High-value small molecules: We manufacture over 1000 compounds for use in drug discovery, development, and diagnostics. The product catalog is continuously updated.

Research: Being more efficient by collaboration

Collaboration partner for medicinal chemistry: In drug discovery and development projects, pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions increase their chances of success by collaborating with Endotherm Life Science Molecules, thanks to our project-related experience, expertise, and dedicated scientific team.

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Our clients are research-driven pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies around the world.