Your Partner for reference materials in diagnostics and drug discovery

Serving as a contract research organization (CRO), Endotherm GmbH supports pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics companies in the development of new diagnostic tools and innovative drugs. Upon your demand, we provide high-quality reference materials (active pharmaceutical ingredients, natural products, metabolites etc.) and fluorescent dyes according to your desired specifications and quantities.

Our international customers benefit from our already long-lasting expertise for many years and proven special technology, particularly for the production of high-quality isotopically labeled reference materials. We develop efficient processes of multi-stage syntheses of natural products or active pharmaceutical ingredients and their impurities or metabolites for their use in clinical chemistry and drug discovery.

As a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certified company, all services are regularly monitored and audited in accordance with the highest applicable standards by an accredited test center and selected renowned customers. Depending on the project, we offer you GLP-compatible substances or reference standards with comprehensive analyses and corresponding certificates (CoA).



Trend-setting vitamin D diagnostics requires novel reference materials

Vitamin D is becoming more and more of clinical importance in diagnostics. Endotherm has proprietary / patented synthesis processes available for the production of vitamin D conjugates and metabolites (> 35). These can be used for the development of immunological or LC-MS / MS-based assays for the diagnosis of vitamin D-related diseases.

Vitamin D 1

In addition, these metabolites are offered as reference material in the routine analysis of approved diagnostic test procedures.

Research-based diagnostics companies can benefit from the expertise of Endotherm in the development and manufacture of innovative reference materials:

  ♦  Stereoselective synthesis

  ♦  Stable isotope-labelled substances
      (2H, 13C oder 15N)

  ♦  Labelling at extraordinary molecular positions and multi-labelling

  ♦  Production of reference materials in some cases over 20-30 synthesis steps

  ♦  Vitamin D metabolites, (pharmaceutical) active ingredients, steroids, phytonutrients



Active pharmaceutical ingredients and reference standards for drug discovery from a one-stop-shop

Reference materials for carrying out the necessary pharmacokinetic studies are indispensable for the development of innovative drugs. It is not uncommon for projects to be significantly delayed or even fail because the required reference standards of the active ingredients, metabolites, by-products or impurities are not available quickly enough. This also includes the isotope labelling of these substances in order to investigate questions about reaction mechanisms and metabolism. They then often first have to be made synthetically accessible for specific projects.

Moleküle: Endotherm

This is why Endotherm not only supports researching pharmaceutical companies towards the discovery and development of new drugs, but also independently develop the synthesis of the necessary reference materials in order to guide the projects quickly and safely through preclinical development into the clinic and to accelerate the launch to market.

The Endotherm team has proven its expertise not only in synthetic chemistry and drug discovery research, it has as well the necessary knowledge of regulatory requirements and is therefore the ideal partner for research-based pharmaceutical companies:

  ♦  Efficient synthesis routes for the production of innovative active ingredients (e.g. stereoselective 20-step process for the synthesis of 50g Alvimopan, patent application for a new process for the production of 500g Bempeoic acid) 

  ♦  Production of active ingredients of the highest purity (> 99%) also as GLP-compatible material

  ♦  Cost-effective development of synthetic processes for the production of reference standards, including impurities and metabolites as well as retinal analogs for optogenetics

  ♦  Comprehensive equipment such as ozonolysis, Puriflash®-LC, NMR, LC-MS, HPLC (analytical and preparative scale) and ultra-freezer (-80 °C). Analysis, structure assignment and characterization of the generated substances are documented by spectra / chromatograms and a certificate (CoA).



Complex (fluorescent) dyes for high-throughput screening campaigns in medicinal chemistry

Endotherm provides novel complex fluorescent dyes for the setup of new biochemical assays for high-throughput screening campaigns in medicinal chemistry. These include high-quality coumarin dyes such as CCF4-AM and 6,8-Difluoro-4-methyl-umbelliferyl phosphate (DIFMUP), as well as Lucifer-Yellow and 6,6'-Dibromoindigo. Please feel free to take a look at our product catalog.


Your cooperation partner for medicinal chemistry in drug development

Endotherm participates in pharmaceutical research projects with industrial partners and as part of publicly funded projects. As a synthesis partner in medicinal chemistry, we produce test substances (focused compound libraries), intermediates, impurities, by-products, metabolites, reference standards and fluorescent dyes. The focus lies on hit-to-lead studies and lead optimizations through chemical structure modifications.

This not only permanently expands our range of services, but - and this is our ambition - our highly qualified employees are continuously kept up to date with the state of the art in modern research. Highlighted therapeutic areas are:

Forschung und Medizinalchemie

  ♦  Enzyme inhibitors (e.g. amino glycosides) against bacterial multi-resistant strains and inhibitors against dengue and hepatitis C viruses

  ♦  Ion channel modulators for the treatment of heart failure or cardiac arrhythmias (RyCal´s, benzthiazoles)

  ♦  Kinase inhibitors (roscovitine analogs) for use against polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

  ♦  Allosteric glutamate receptor (mGlu7) modulators (NAM´s) against posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  ♦  Synthesis of vitamin D metabolites and their application on the diagnosis of vitamin D related diseases


We look forward to your project inquiries to support you with top-class medicinal chemistry.



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