Endotherm Services: Medicinal Chemistry

Hit-finding, hit-to-lead studies and lead optimizations

Endotherm Life Science Molecules provides medicinal chemistry support towards the discovery of new drugs to address unmet medical needs. The process of drug discovery starts with the identification and selection of a disease target or pathway. After detection of first hit compounds in biological assays, iterative rounds of synthesis and testing are used to get to lead structures with clear structure-activity relationship and drug-like properties. Multi-parameter optimization results in compounds showing increased potency and efficacy in animal disease models. Finally, a clinical candidate is nominated with sufficient efficacy and a tolerable side effect and toxicological profile as entry point to clinical development.

endotherm medical chemistry

Endotherm contributes to this process as follows: According to rational considerations and including computer assisted tools, focused or diversified compound libraries and single compounds for hit-finding are designed and synthesized, or provided by selecting them from stock compounds. Subsequent hit-to-lead studies and lead optimizations are performed by systematic chemical modifications.