Endotherm Services

 We provide custom synthesis of high-value rare research chemicals in the following areas


Medicinal Chemistry

Drug discovery and development: Screening-compounds, libraries, intermediates, fluorescent dyes, hit-to-lead-studies and lead optimizations by chemical structural modifications.


Clinical Chemistry

Reference standards of active pharmaceutical ingredients and biomarkers, along with their metabolites, including labeling with 2H, 13C or 15N, mainly for their application in LC-MS/MS-based assays; conjugates of antigenes and intermediates for the discovery of specific antibodies for immunological assays.



Reference standards, impurities, metabolites, intermediates and laboratory samples of active pharmaceutical ingredients


Finally, we can support our customers for process research purposes towards the manufacture of various chemical compounds in a wide range of applications (pharma-, crop science- nutrition- and cosmetics-industry)


Our Expertise

Heterocyclic Chemistry

Pd catalyzed reactions (Heck, Sonogashira, Suzuki etc.)

Steriod/Vitamin D chemistry

Natural product synthesis

Stereoselective Synthesis