Endotherm Collaborations

Heart Center University Goettingen
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Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of death in the industrialized countries. Aim of the heart center of the University Goettingen is it to handle patients affected by these diseases by recognition of most recent scientific knowledge and application of advanced equipment for most beneficial diagnosis and treatment. In the course of EU funded integrated projects, the company collaborates with the heart center dedicated to discover new rationales for treatment, diagnosis and risk prediction connected with heart failure  (EUGeneHeart) and arrhythmias (EUTrigTreat).

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Goethe University Frankfurt
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The company collaborates with the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, particularly in the field of optogenetics. This highly modern research area enables it in model systems such as c. elegans, to shut on and off rhodopsin containing ion channels by light, if particular synthetic retinal analogs are added. Thus, cellular signaling pathways can be explored in order to develop new therapeutic rationales for heart and nerve diseases.

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Heidelberg University
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Infectious diseases are the major cause of death worldwide, and due to antibiotic resistances, climate change and intensive worldwide travelling dramatically increasing. In a collaboration with the institute of pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology, new antibiotics (inhibitors of Mur-A) , and therapeutics against Dengue (NS3 protease inhibitors) and Hepatitis C are discovered and developed.

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Saarland University
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The company widely collaborates with the faculty of natural and technical science, particularly with the departments of chemistry (organic chemistry), biosciences (biochemistry), bioanalytics and pharmacy, as well as with the medical faculties in Homburg.


Quasaar GmbH 


Quasaar GmbH is an experienced partner for the support of product development, quality control, stability studies, analytical services and GMP-consulting. The competences of Quasaar mainly address the highly regulated Pharma- and Life Sciences markets.