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Serving as a contract research organization (CRO), Endotherm Life Science Molecules is a provider of medicinally relevant compounds for the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs. The product range includes focused and diversified compound libraries, reference standards, building blocks and fluorescent probes for assay development.

Particularly, the company provides medicinal chemistry support for the discovery of new drugs to address unmet medical needs. According to rational considerations and including computer assisted tools, focused compound libraries and single compounds for hit-finding, hit-to-lead studies and lead optimizations are designed and synthesized.
Besides the support for projects in medicinal chemistry and exclusive synthesis of rare compounds for dedicated customers, approximately 2500 “inhouse-made” research chemicals can be selected from a continuously updated catalogue.

Additionally, the company has established a technology platform for the synthesis of complex chiral natural products, such as Vitamin D derivatives, in turn to be used for assay design, as compound libraries for screening, references, building blocks or for process research purposes.
Finally, Endotherm Life Science Molecules is involved with internal drug discovery programmes, such as EUTrigTreat, an EU funded integrated FP7 research project. The consortium has the aim to explore the genetic and environmental cause of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in order to develop new diagnostic tools and effective therapies. In a collaboration with the Universität Heidelberg, new antibiotics (inhibitors of Mur-A) and therapeutics against Dengue (NS3 protease inhibitors) as well as Hepatitis C are discovered.